Cheek Fillers

Cheek Fillers

Cheek Fillers

As we age, the face gradually loses both collagen and fat tissue. One area that is frequently affected by this loss of fat is the cheeks. Affected patients look more aged, with saggy and flatten cheekbones.

Derma fillers injected above the cheekbones are among the most popular methods used to restore the lost volume and definition in cheeks, creating a healthier and more youthful look. Furthermore, by injecting dermal fillers into the cheekbones, we also lift the area below, such as the nasolabial folds, which frequently deepen with ageing.

This is not to say that cheek fillers are only used in patients with existing signs of ageing. Some patients have naturally small cheeks or desire higher cheeks with more volume.

Dermal fillers are the perfect solution for both young and middle-aged patients as they are minimally invasive, effective, quick and painless. They can facilitate a specific part of the face to be lifted, improved and shaped, for a more plump and youthful look. Another advantage of dermal fillers in the cheeks areas is that they usually last longer than dermal fillers in other areas. Cheek fillers can last between 10 to 18 months, depending on individual metabolism.

What Should I Expect for My Cheek Filler Treatment

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Onset of Results


Risks & Complications

Possible mild injection-site swelling and bruising

Back to Work


Duration of Actions

18 months



“I recently had cheek fillers at Blu Clinics. Irina guided me through the whole process, from the first consultation, to the aftercare. I will be a very loyal customer from now on and would highly recommend her whenever someone ask for an asthetition!”

Mariela Valeova

Frequently Asked Questions


At BLU Clinics London, we always adopt a personalised holistic approach with our treatments. We provide a free initial consultation with each patient to understand his/her main concerns to best address them. We are always honest and frank about the expected results, and we like following up with our patients throughout their experience.


Like most other clinics, at BLU Clinics London, our cost of cheek fillers is based on units of fillers. The exact amount of units recommended to achieve the best results will be determined on our initial consultation. To calculate the cost of cheek fillers, we need to carefully assess the shape of the cheeks in consideration of the main goal the patient aims to achieve.

Minor corrections may start as little as 1 unit and go up to 4-5 units depending on the initial natural shape and the desired result.

Many of the patients have age-related concerns with their cheeks and dislike the appearance of their nasolabial folds on the lower face. In these instances, we always recommend having both areas treated together for the best results.

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