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Everything you need to know about Lip Injections

Lip fillers have fast become one of the most popular procedures in recent years. Not only are they the answer to plumper, healthy-looking lips, but they’re also administered through a non-invasive procedure making them straightforward and easygoing.

However, it is always strongly advised to know everything you can about a procedure before going ahead. So here is everything you need to know about lip injections.

What are lip injections?

Let’s begin with what exactly lip injections are and what they are used for. Lip injections are made from either hyaluronic acid or collagen base. Both substances are created naturally within our bodies and are the very things that create the youthful plumpness within our lips, face and around our bodies when we’re younger.

These injectable fillers mimic these natural chemicals and can be used in targeted areas to create the desired outcome. Therefore, lip fillers are used to specifically increase the size and volume of the lips. However, collagen and hyaluronic acid have slightly different effects; collagen primarily plumps while hyaluronic acid does the same but also works to hold water within the lips which can look more natural.

How long does a lip injection last?

Lip injections are biodegradable which means, while they have long-lasting effects, they do not last forever. The major benefit of this is that you can choose exactly how much works perfectly for you while also being able to change your mind later on.

There is a range of factors that will contribute to how long your lip injection lasts. This may depend on your age, the brand of lip filler and your lifestyle, to name a few. However, on average a top-up may be required every six to eight months depending on your desired outcome. This may be longer or shorter depending on your personal experience.

When will I see results?

While results occur almost immediately, your lips will appear mildly swollen from the procedure. However, after 24 hours the swelling should subside and you will be able to see the results from there. In some cases, it can take between one and five days for the swelling to disappear completely. However, if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to contact your practitioner.

If it is your first time getting lip filler injections, then it depends on your desired final effect. This means if you want to dramatically increase the fullness of your lips, then this may take more than one sitting to ensure a far more natural transition and finish. It also allows you time to get used to the change and be absolutely sure about what you would be happy with. However, from the first lip injection, you will see a noticeable change in your lips.

What if I don’t like the result?

Even with rigorous planning, while rare, you may decide lip injections are not for you. Often, people who have never had a lip injection are treated with the softer hyaluronic acid-based injection which can be removed easily by counter-injecting the enzyme hyaluronidase. However, if you have a collagen-based injection then it is much harder to remove.

Do lip fillers feel different?

When expertly administered, your lip filler will feel like a regular part of your body. The idea is that your lips feel as natural and normal as possible post-procedure. Of course, this will be dictated partly by how much filler you’re deciding on having.

While you may notice a difference while waiting for the minimal swelling to subside and may notice some lumpy areas or bumps around the site. This is very common and nothing to be worried about. Most people afterwards forget they’ve even had them done.

Ageing effects from your forties onwards

When we reach our forties, it’s no secret that deeper lines will appear and our skin appears to have less and less vitality. This is often most noticeable around the face and neck.

Thankfully, this golden era of cosmetic technology means that there are plenty of treatments designed to reduce the effects of these very things. Renewing the vibrancy of your skin will help you feel more radiant as you continue ageing gracefully – anti-wrinkle-treatments treatments are just the thing that will leave you feeling more confident and beautiful than before.

In short

In short, lip injections are a safe and sure-fire way of getting that Insta-ready look, or just to enhance your overall appearance in a natural and reliable way. The key is to ensure that you know precisely what your desired outcome is and be prepared to see those results.

If you have any questions please feel free to get in touch. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have and provide you with the most expert and up-to-date information.

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