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Liquid Rhinoplasty: The Easy Alternative to Surgery

So many of us are not content with how our nose looks. While every nose is beautiful and we should love our bodies, sometimes there is something here and there we wish we could change. Thankfully, with today’s incredible advancements in aesthetic treatments, you don’t even need to face full-on surgery to get the look you have always dreamed of.

Rhinoplasty, otherwise known as the ‘nose job’, is a common surgical procedure for those who are less than satisfied with one of the main features of their face. However, not everyone wishes to undergo surgery to achieve this look, hence the development of liquid rhinoplasty.

What is the difference between regular rhinoplasty and liquid rhinoplasty?

Regular rhinoplasty involves the surgical reshaping of the nose and the results are permanent. However, this comes at a considerable cost. Liquid rhinoplasty is a substantially more affordable alternative which uses injectable dermal fillers that are strategically placed for the desired effect. Liquid rhinoplasty is a semi-permanent solution to address the problem area.

One of the major benefits liquid rhinoplasty offers over the surgical alternative is that you will see precisely how the treatment looks and if desired, alter this to continue to achieve your desired outcome. There is a range of benefits for choosing liquid rhinoplasty.

The procedure is very quick

You could probably fit liquid rhinoplasty inside your lunch break, give or take. It’s a very short procedure which should take around 15 minutes to complete. This may be shorter or longer depending on other factors, but this will all be explained to you prior to your treatment so you’re well-prepared.

However, as far as treatments go, it’s one of the least invasive and exceptionally quick. As a result of this, there’s also no need for any recovery time. This means that you can continue with any of your other plans as you usually would, or maybe even return to work!

What can liquid rhinoplasty achieve?

This is the ideal treatment for those who are looking to make subtle changes to their nose. This can be smoothing out any minor asymmetries or reduce the appearance of isolated anomalies such as on the dorsal hump.

You will see results straight away

You won’t need to wait any time at all to see the results of your treatment. So not only is the treatment very quick, but you will enjoy the benefits of your liquid rhinoplasty immediately.

It’s usual to expect a small amount of bruising, redness or swelling after treatment so don’t worry if you’re a little unsure at the overall look straight away. This shouldn’t last longer than a few days. However, if you’re worried or this persists, you can always get in touch with your practitioner.

Can someone be unsuitable for liquid rhinoplasty?

As liquid rhinoplasty works by injecting dermal fillers to create the desired shape, it’s not usually advised to those who wish to reduce the size of their nose. This is because dermal fillers are not able to achieve this outcome.

Liquid rhinoplasty is ideal for those looking to make minor alterations to their nose and improve on the overall shape. For most people, a minor tweak here and there is just what they need, but liquid rhinoplasty may not be the solution to those looking for a drastic change.

It’s safe and efficient

While, like any dermal filler, you’ll eventually have to renew your treatment, overall it is safe and efficient. The length of time between treatments depends on the individual, however, some people are happy with their results even after a couple of years post-procedure. The decision is entirely yours.

When compared with surgical rhinoplasty, there is a stark contrast in price, procedure, time and recovery. While surgical rhinoplasty is permanent, liquid rhinoplasty is much more affordable, time-efficient and relatively pain-free. You may also repeat your treatment within the appropriate timescale to ensure you continue looking and feeling your best. It can also be the perfect way of testing out your ‘look’ before committing to the surgical rhinoplasty option.

“So, if you’re not ready to commit to the pricey surgical option, liquid rhinoplasty is the ideal alternative. It’s tried, tested and recommended by those who desired to make those small but significant changes to their nose to look and feel amazing.”

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