Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds

Marionette Lines and Nasolabial Folds

What is Marionette Filler?

Marionette lines are long vertical creases that run from the corner of the lips down towards the chin. These creases may deepen with age and may give a grim or sad look to the face. Smoking and genetic predisposition are another two factors that can contribute to premature marionette lines.

Dermal fillers are the perfect solution for treating both small lines and deeper vertical lines through lifting of the corners with extra volume. Marionette fillers are an instant treatment with no downtime. By filling the Marionette lines with dermal fillers, we create a natural-looking healthier, and more youthful look.

What is Nasolabial Line Filler?

The nasolabial folds are deep wrinkles that start at the nose and traverse towards the corner of the mouth. These lines may become more noticeable with age and loss of volume in the cheeks area.

Dermal fillers can be used to soften nasolabial folds by injecting filler directly into the creases. Many patients who have deep nasolabial lines may need cheeks filler to correct the loss of volume in the cheek area. The dermal-filler treatment will soften the nasolabial folds creating a smoother appearance.

At BLU Clinics London we provide a consultation to all of our patients. This allows us to make a careful assessment of the facial anatomy and advise on the best treatment option.

What Should I Expect for My Nasolabial and Marionette Filler Treatment

Procedure Time

30 minutes

Onset of Results


Risks & Complications

Possible mild injection-site swelling and bruising

Back to Work


Duration of Actions

4-8 months



“I recently had treatment at Blu Clinics. Irina managed to put me at easy while keeping me informed every step of the way. I will be a very loyal customer from now on and would highly recommend her whenever someone ask for an asthetition!”

Mariela Valeova

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